Username: demo
Password: demo

Demo Datas:

How to uninstall the plugin?
  1. Click the Installed Plugins link on the Plugins menu. The Plugins page opens.
  2. Locate the plugin you want to uninstall.
  3. Click the Deactivate link below the plugin title. The Plugins page refreshes, and the plugin now appears as deactivated (or inactive).
  4. Click the Delete link that now appears below the plugin title. The Delete Plugin page opens, and a confirmation message displays asking you whether you’re sure you want to delete this plugin.
  5. Click the Yes, Delete These Files button The Plugins page refreshes, and the plugin you just deleted is gone from the lists of plugins, with a message displayed at the top confirming the deletion of the plugin.
How to add widget?
To add widget go to Appearance> Widgets. Drag and Drop Master FAQ Widget to a sidebar area. You can customise widget by changing the following settings:
  • Widget Title
  • Number of FAQ items to be shown in a sidebar
  • Category to be shown
  • Show randomly or by date added
How change design of my FAQ items?
To change the design, go to Settings > Master FAQ Settings. Select a theme you want to be used on the website. You may customize the theme options by changing available options. After making all necessary changes, click to Select theme and apply button. If you want to make background color transparent, simply add transparent value instead of hex-version of color.